Source Capture

The Chloramine Solution

There is a difference between fighting bad air and controlling it.  A pool, indoor or outdoor, will always have chloramines releasing into the air.  There are countless methods and products on the market to try and improve water chemistry… many of which aim to reduce chloramines and improve air quality.  If all of them worked, air quality would not be a problem like it is.

Instead of trying to fight bad air, we take a different approach–and we have found it to be very effective.  This phrase may help you understand: “If airborne chloramines are guaranteed, once they’re in the air, how do we get rid of them?”  The answer is found by using basic air physics.  “Source Capture” simply means we capture chloramines at their source, before they have a chance to build and become a problem.

Our methods and system(s) are proprietary and patents-pending.  Paddock is the sole-source manufacturer of this technology in all of its forms, and because the Evacuator is the only solution of its kind, we are proud of it. We encourage you to visit any FreshAIR facility around the nation to see and experience it for yourself.  It works, and we are happy to prove it to you. Don’t ask us, ask our customers. “Just breathe it to believe it.”  Contact us for more information.

See the Paddock Evacuator In Action!