New Pools

Whether you are an owner, architect, engineer, consultant or contractor, when you are planning to build a new indoor pool, a Gutter or Deck Drain Evacuator is the ideal solution for your indoor air quality. It can prevent any air quality issues before they ever begin.

If you are planning to build, please contact us, or contact Paddock Pool Equipment Company. Paddock Pool Equipment Company is the sole-sourced manufacturer Evacuator Gutter Systems, and can provide you with any other pool-related needs you may have, such as bulkheads, starting blocks and filters (sand, vac-sand and regenerative DE). You can learn more by visiting Click here to see a liquid nitrogen demonstration featuring the Paddock Evacuator Gutter System.

Pools cost a lot of money to build and operate, so why not protect that major investment?  The Evacuator’s value is priceless for the longevity of a facility and its equipment.  We have had customers tell us about chloramines destroying things that they had to replace: as small as door knobs and bolts to as large as water slide frames, starting blocks and entire HVAC systems.  Many customers have had to replace expensive components of their air system several times, just to stay operational.  Why continue to let that damage happen?  Protect your facility, your equipment, and most importantly, your people.

And don’t forget: Paddock Evacuator Company now offers consulting services – FreshAIR Consulting – for new construction, major renovations, and if replacing or renovating your existing HVAC system. We will be glad to speak to anyone regarding air quality issues in indoor aquatic facilities.  Consulting services are included for free with the purchase of the Gutter Evacuator, and flat rate fees apply in other situations.  For details, just ask.