Jenks Trojan Aquatics Center

“The Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center serves three competitive swimming programs, and has hosted many large competitions since opening in April, 2011.  High school, club and masters swimmers who use the Center on a daily basis love the clean air.  Training sessions are much more productive and efficient, since incidences of asthma and coughing fits have been eliminated.  Performances in meets have been remarkable.  Visitors are quick to point out the lack of the expected “chlorine smell” and irritation.  Visiting coaches and spectators, used to exposure to airborne irritants, have been extremely impressed with the indoor environment.  Perhaps the most telling endorsement of the air quality is that swimmers returning from other indoor pools have noted striking contrasts and are always glad to return.” –George C. Villarreal, Manager, Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center


“As a note, everyone loves The Evacuator.  Working as an entire system with all the installed Paddock Equipment (vacuum sand filters, deck-level steel gutters) and the Hanovia UV sanitation, this pool is running extremely well.  Don even had me turn off the UV sanitation for a week last year during heavy use, and we had no change in water quality or any increases in combined chlorine.  Water clarity remains great.” –George C. Villarreal, Email to PPEC, January 16, 2013


George C. Villarreal

- Manager, Jenks Trojan Aquatics Center

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