What We Need to Get Started

Your Evacuator will be designed to meet the exact needs of your facility. Facilities are not identical, so when designing your system, the more information you can give us, the better. Contact us to get started.  Note: Every Evacuator project begins with a feasibility study and design downpayment.  This service can be packaged with our FreshAIR Consulting services as well.

Each project requires an evaluation of your existing facility to calculate our solution for you.  Please consider what we will need:

– Dimensions of the pool (length, width, etc)

– Mechanical and Architectural drawings, including measurements

– Photos of the pool from all corners of the room

– Photos showing the duct work, including the return vent(s) and supply duct(s)

– Make and Model of Pool Dehumidification Unit (or HVAC/Air Handling Unit)

– Supply Air, Outside Air, Return Air, Exhaust Air volumes (in CFM)

– Recirculation rate (air changes per hour)

– Name and contact information for the HVAC service technician that operates the air system