Mechanical Implications

The Evacuator is a dedicated exhaust that must be balanced with the existing air system. Any imbalance may create an air pressure differential. If you are designing a new air system, incorporate the Evacuator with your new system to benefit all parties involved, especially the customer. It not only protects the new air system from corrosive chloramines, but it can also reduce the load requirements on the system itself.

The Evacuator allows for pristine, FreshAIR™ while keeping outside air intake to a minimum. This means new air handling systems can be designed for less outside air, reducing costs for the manufacturer and customer alike.

We have experimented for years with our consulting engineer, Chris Adams, to find the best possible air balance for a natatorium. We continue to improve our system and you can help us. The more installations we do, the more we learn. Help us find pools that need the Evacuator and we can work together to bring them FreshAIR.