Electrical Requirements

Static chart

Like everything else, electrical requirements depend on your specific Evacuator System. We supply the fans, unless directly exhausted by an integrated HVAC system by one of our partners. Most fans require either 110v single-phase or 208-230/460v three-phase. Specific electrical and wiring requirements are given on a case-by-case basis, and depend on existing electrical conditions, if any.

The VFD we supply is paired to match the exhaust system fan. PEC, under most circumstances, recommends a VFD with multiple set-points to automatically control the Evacuator System; the set-points are commonly set up on a timer or based off bather load. For example, the three typical settings would be: normal operation (regular programming), heavy bather load (swim team practice, competitions, etc.), and night mode (energy savings). However, if you are replacing the air handling system for the natatorium, new systems from our partners can control the fan directly from their operating system as well. All it takes is coordination between us.

For retrofit On-Demand Systems, only Evacuator certified contractors should handle installation. If you are interested in becoming certified, or just need to find someone who is, contact us.

GPS™ Ionization Air Purification systems should be installed by an electrician or mechanical contractor. Power requirements are no different than a standard household 120v, as the system draws only 65w of power; the same as a lightbulb. However, it must be installed properly within the air handling unit, which requires wiring and coordination with existing electrical conditions, if any.