Gutter Evacuator®

Gutter Evacuator

When planning a new construction natatorium, Gutter Evacuators are often an ideal solution. There is no better place to capture chloramines than right at the surface of the water where they are formed.  Typically, an owner, architect, or engineer will reach out to us during the “Dream Stage” with very real concerns about Indoor Air Quality.  Gutter Evacuators must be specified in the initial design of a new pool, as they are part of the Paddock Gutter System.  Our Gutter Evacuator prevents air quality problems before they ever start; it has no equivalent.

Paddock’s Gutter Evacuator is specified in pool design to prevent stress and frustration from pool smell and corrosion.  Although common perception is that this is only a problem in older natatoriums, we are often contacted by owners of 2-3 year old facilities who are angry and confused about their situation.  Communication between Paddock and the architect, mechanical engineer, pool consultant, and pool contractor means the pool and HVAC systems can be designed together for optimum water/air quality.   We have demonstrated such partnership in regionally and nationally recognized facilities including Jenks Aquatic CenterWestside Aquatic CenterQueens University, and many more.  When your design is FreshAIR Certified, you will be preventing the premature damage and replacement of your expensive equipment.  Consider that the average lifespan of a Pool Dehumidification Unit is 15-20 years.  If you have to replace it after 10 years, how much money is that costing you?  We have shown that Evacuator technology can consistently extend the life of this equipment, and often lower energy consumption, financing the additional investment and saving you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system.

Paddock’s Gutter Evacuator is available exclusively with Paddock Pool Equipment Company® gutters.  For pools where this may not be possible, ask us about our Deck Drain Evacuator.

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