Gutter Evacuator®

Gutter Evacuator

When building new, the Gutter Evacuator is the ideal solution. There is no better place to capture chloramines than right at the surface of the water where chloramines are formed, and that’s exactly what the Gutter Evacuator does.  This option must be specified in the initial design of a new pool, as it is a part of the Paddock Gutter System.  It prevents air quality problems before they ever start, and it has no equivalent.

Specifying The Paddock Evacuator Gutter in your pool design will prevent the stress and frustration of chloramine problems from ever happening. Communication between the architect, mechanical engineer, pool consultant and pool contractor means the pool and air systems can be designed together to create optimum air quality, as shown in Jenks Aquatic Center, Westside Aquatic Center, Queens University and many, many more.  That means your HVAC system circulates FreshAIR and does not get corroded from the inside out.  We believe The Evacuator can extend the life of this equipment, which can save you thousands of dollars over the years.

We suggest the Gutter Evacuator should be the first thing considered when designing a new indoor pool.  The impact it makes on the facility is immediate and its value is priceless.  In other words, we believe the Evacuator is an essential component to the ideal indoor pool.  Installation costs are almost negligible, and the exhaust ducts are beneath the concrete deck; out of sight, out of mind.  It is the perfect solution your patrons will never see.

The Gutter Evacuator is available exclusively with Paddock® gutters.

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