Deck Drain + Evacuator®

Deck Drain Evacuator

The Paddock Deck Drain + Evacuator System is the latest upgrade to the Paddock Evacuator® product line. It is manufactured with laser precision for easy installation and a beautiful finished product and designed to be a modular system.

Built into the pool deck, the Deck Drain + Evacuator System doubles as a functional drain for water and airborne chloramines. Duct connections are beneath the deck and out of the way. The Deck Drain + Evacuator is primarily for new construction projects, but are also available for major renovations to existing pools.

The very first Paddock Evacuator was a Deck Drain System installed in the Rock Hill YMCA in 2010, by the Paddock Construction Company.  The small pool had limited deck space around it, so the Deck Drain Evacuator was the perfect option.