Deck Drain Evacuator®

Deck Drain Evacuator

The Paddock Deck Drain Evacuator is manufactured with laser precision for easy installation and a beautiful finish.  It is designed to be a modular system, the latest improvement from our Research and Development team.  This Modular Deck Drain Evacuator features Paddock Pool Equipment Company’s new industry-leading HDPE Grating.  We have numerous customization options for the grating including color selection and ingrained logos.

Built underneath pool deck during new construction, our Deck Drain Evacuator doubles as both a functional drain for water and as a source capture exhaust for airborne chloramines. Duct connections and the exhaust plenum are beneath the deck and out of the way, making this system nearly invisible.  Deck Drain Evacuators are also available during major renovations to existing pools, if the scope of work includes extensive work to the existing deck.

Deck Drain Evacuators are the best option for new construction projects only if a Gutter Evacuator is not feasible.

In 2010, the very first Paddock Evacuator was a Deck Drain system installed in the Rock Hill YMCA by Paddock Construction Company.  This was a small pool with limited deck space, so a Deck Drain Evacuator was a perfect fit.