Paddock Evacuator Company has engineered a cutting-edge solution to chloramine problems with their new Evacuator. Seresco’s NP Series & NE Series are designed to integrate with the Paddock Evacuator, which clears the chloramines out of the air and exhausts them out of the facility providing “FreshAIR“. The marriage of these two components is the key to the success of any natatorium; please contact Paddock Evacuator Company for more information.

Every Seresco® purchase comes with peace of mind.
With thousands of satisfied customers spanning North America, Seresco consistently beats the competition with exciting new technology, energy efficiency and reliability.

Each Seresco Dehumidification System ships equipped with over 20 new exclusive innovations lead by our ground breaking technology, WebSentry®. This powerful internet based software allows owners, operators and service companies to monitor and control their dehumidification system 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Seresco equals savings.
Whether your projects is residential, commercial or industrial, our dehumidifiers will save you money with industry leading energy efficiency, energy recycling capabilities, and “2 systems in 1” duel features for ease of service and lower installation costs.

Seresco is committed to saving the environment by reducing our carbon footprint through a unique design and manufacturing philosophy.

We do dehumidifiers right.
You can expect more with Seresco Technolgies. We are the only manufacture to include over 20 new innovations as standard features in every dehumidifier purchase. But don’t let the extensive features fool you – our pricing is comparable – only with Seresco you don’t pay for the added features innovations, they come included standard. Included features such as WebSentry®, CommandCenter® and Load estimation software.

Have confidence that each dehumidification system we create comes with energy efficiency built-in. We’ve engineered our dehumidification systems with direct drive, backward inclined plenum blowers, fully dipped coils, built-in pressure transducers, WebSentry® Internet monitoring and control, CommandCenter control systems, free pool heating, service vestibules, energy recovery and much more.

WebSentry® erases the need for costly services calls and allows the owner, operator and service company to monitor and control their dehumidification system 24 hours a day 365 days a year from anywhere in the world!

Our WebSentry® software stores a detailed history on up to three dozen sensory inputs installed on each dehumidification system. Set points can be adjusted, sensors can be recalibrated, new programs can be down-loaded, and unit performance fine-tuned. This information is permanently kept in a central database to evaluate and optimize long-term performance. The facility owner, especially those in more remote locations, will have a much more affordable means of ensuring their units are monitored and serviced by experienced factory trained service companies.

WebSentry® is the new standard in customer satisfaction and dehumidification system reliability. “The Evacuator’s ability to remove and exhaust the trichloramines directly off the water surface is probably the most important Natatorium IAQ developement ever. In addition to source capturing and removing the offensive chemicals it also promotes air movement from the HVAC air distribution ductwork down to the breathing zone and water surface. What a fantastic developement for Natatoriums! The Evacuator also easily ties into a Seresco unit’s exhaust fan and can even be provided with a heat recovery device to transfer heat from that energy rich exhaust air stream and use it to preheat the incoming outdoor air.” – Ralph Kittler, P.E., Vice President of Sales, Seresco Inc.

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