CES Duffield

CES Duffield has been serving excellence to commercial swimming pools like yours since 1972. In 1972, Mr. Dick Duffield founded Duffield and Associates and pioneered the industry’s very first Automated Water Chemistry Controllers throughout the Southeast. In the early 80’s he added Filtration and a Swim Lift Line to his toolbox of solutions. In 1988 he hired his first “salesman”, Mr. Harold Gibson and one year later brought on Harold’s son, Steve Gibson. In 1989 he changed the name to Duffield Inc. and the three set out to build a reputation on quality and service. They quickly rose to the top of their game and are responsible for introducing Water Quality Control to thousands of pools throughout Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. In 1994 Duffield Inc. took on the Pulsar Line of chemicals, adding water treatment to their expertise. In 1998, Duffield Inc. was purchased by Harold and Steve Gibson and the name changed again to Duffield Aquatics, Inc. For the next 14 years, Duffield Aquatics, Inc. would grow 22.5 times the size and become a leader and valued resource in the aquatic industry, offering a complete line of trusted equipment, service and a bank of knowledge. After a merge with CES out of Florida, in January 2012, Duffield Aquatics, Inc. became CES Duffield. As CES Duffield, we are excited about combining the best of both companies and continuing to grow and serve excellence to our customers and partners alike. Please join us as we make swimming pools Clean, Clear and Safe for ALL! Happy Swimming!

Visit their website at: www.duffieldaquatics.com