Bob McCallister Aquatic Consulting

Bob McCallister has worked in the public sector building, operating, maintaining and renovating aquatic facilities for over 30 years.  During these many years of being a professional aquatic facility manager, he has gained the knowledge and abilities to development new aquatic facilities and renovate old aquatic facilities as well as develop revenue programs which can meet and/or exceed the operational cost.

McCallister has been the Aquatics Manager for Cobb County, GA for the past 20 years and has built 3 indoor aquatic centers, totally renovated 4 indoor aquatic centers, renovated  2 – 50+ years old outdoor swimming pools and is currently developing plans and construction of a new outdoor water park.

Over the past 10 years McCallister has been contracted as an Aquatic Consultant to advise municipilities for development of new aquatic centers; provide programs and business plans for “break even” operating budgets; and development of renovation plans and construction for aquatic facilities.

A major benefit of McCallister’s Aquatic Consulting services, is that he is totally independent, not representing or having interest in any one pool contractor or equipment company.  Therefore, he offers only  the owner’s best interest for the best price.

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