Adams Companies Inc.

Adams Companies Inc.

Adams Companies Inc. was started in January, 2000. It was a spinoff company of the Chet Adams Company which was founded in Greensboro, NC in 1956 by Chet Adams, the first manufacturer’s representative in the state of North Carolina. The company specializes in equipment designed for dehumidification and high efficiency. The company’s headquarters is located in Mooresville, NC with sales team members located across North and South Carolina.

Our dehumidification experience began in 1974 with the Governair Corp product line, which was maintained for 16 years. In 1988, a transition was made from the Governair product line to the AAON product line. Since then we have further expanded and work with numerous other Suppliers. Our Pool Equipment Suppliers include Seresco, DCA, and Arizona Companies all with a line of pool dehumidification equipment.

We support equipment installed all over the country and our superior sales and support team are able to review and support your projects design efforts and build in quality from the beginning. Our nearly 50 years of experience in the Indoor Air Conditioning and Distribution market, in combination with our suppliers allow us to provide reliable pool dehumidification packages specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every unique project.

Chris Adams, PE is currently the President of Adams Companies Inc, a Manufacturing Representative Firm that represents AAON, Inc., Sanyo ECOi, Bry-Air, and numerous other specialty air treatment lines. The company’s primary focus is on the proper conditioning, treatment, and introduction of air into spaces for proper indoor air quality as it relates to Dehumidification, Energy Efficiency, Mold/Mildew Control, Demand Control Ventilation, and other IAQ topics. Chris is a graduate of North Carolina State University, Class of 1993 with a Mechanical Engineering Degree. Chris also holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte which he received in 2000.

Chris is experienced in numerous aspects of treating air as it is introduced into commercial and industrial spaces. The focus of his efforts are to supply air and maintain spaces at the proper temperature and relative humidity necessary for both comfort and the minimization of moisture related issues. He has been a lecturer on topics including indoor air quality, DX dehumidification of return and outside air, energy recovery, desiccant dehumidification, VRF technologies, and indoor pool environment air control.

Prior to his current position, Chris worked for General Electric for 11 years with his focus on the repair of power generation equipment including steam, gas, and nuclear power generating stations and there electrical and mechanical components. He is a Certified Six Sigma Quality Master Black Belt. He is also a graduate of MDC, GE’s Management Develop Course.

Chris is an Active ASHRAE member since 2005. He held the membership promotion chair for the Greenville, SC Chapter from 2006 to 2008.

Adams Companies Inc.
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