Winter Swimming with Healthier Indoor Pool Air

PDF: Winter Swimming with Healthier Indoor Pool Air

A great article discussing the culprit of indoor air problems: chloramines. The article points out there are multiple ways to help prevent the formation of chloramines: the swimmer’s role, the pool operator’s role, and proper ventilation of the space. Both roles of the swimmer and pool operator are of equal importance to help combat indoor air quality issues and the root of the problem, trichloramines. However, pool ventilation can be a real key to providing a solution to this on-going battle, which the author states that the formation of trichloramines is inevitable. After all, it is simply chlorine doing it’s job: disinfecting the water in which the patrons swim.

The Paddock Evacuator’s source-capture system is the one and only true solution, as we know that trichloramines are inevitable, and have taken the initiative to research the problem and develop a solution. We recognize that this is no longer a water quality issue, it’s an air quality battle – and we are here to help. Contact us if your facility is having indoor air quality issues, as we will be glad to help!

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