USA Swimming – The Air Quality Issue

PDF: USA Swimming – The Air Quality Issue

A study by USA Swimming looking into a hot topic in the swimming community: air quality in indoor aquatic facilities. This issue has been studied by countless other national-level organizations and is a focus in many conversations when an indoor aquatic facility is the topic. The study touches on many well-known and used treatments, such as medium-pressure UV, and many other preventative measures. Medium-pressure UV will destroy most mono-chloramines, but the di- and tri-chloramines are the compounds that cause the most harm. Once tri-chloramines are released into the air, either by evaporation, splashing, etc, the issue becomes an air quality issue – not a water quality issue. Yes, ensuring proper water quality and taking other preventative measures will greatly help with running a cleaner, more pleasant facility, but tri-chloramines are inevitable. While this article does not specifically mention source-capture technology [The Evacuator], the facts about chloramines and the chemical process are accurate–this article focuses on the water side of the problem; not the air side.  

This is where a properly designed and functioning HVAC System along with the Evacuator will work as a unit to control and eliminate the issue at hand – the air quality issue, and provide the facility and patrons with a more comfortable, healthy environment.

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