CDC Report – Investigation of Employee Symptoms at an Indoor Waterpark

PDF: CDC Investigation of Employee Symptoms at an Indoor Waterpark

The Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a study relating working conditions at an indoor water park to illness symptoms experienced by the workers.  In particular, all symptoms are directly tied to chloramine exposure.


What they did: Tested the air for trichloramine; Checked the water chemistry and reviewed the water system design; administered questionnaires to employees about their health; reviewed the ventilation system design.

What they found: Water chemistry results met Ohio state standards, yet trichloramine levels were still high.  Lifeguards indoors had more work-related symptoms than employees not working inside the pool area.  There was a direct correlation between coughing and eye irritation and times when the pool was busy.  Also, they found that the ventilation system design did not provide adequate air movement or distribution for the space.

Their Conclusion: “Managers should further assess the ventilation system to ensure enough air movement and proper removal of contaminants.”