Greensboro gets YMCA Short Course National Championships through 2017

It was announced last week that the YMCA of the USA will continue to hold its Short Course National Championship at the Greensboro Aquatic Center (GAC) for the next 3 years, through 2017. In April of 2014, approximately 1,500 swimmers from 203 different teams across 29 different states attended the meet. With an estimated $8.4 million economic impact from a four day attendance of 10,178, Greensboro’s Convention & Visitors Bureau must be just as excited for the next few years as the GAC staff.

Jim Wheaton, the YMCA’s national director of events, listed the improved air quality as one of the top reasons for their return. In 2013, respiratory distress, including the coughing fits nicknamed “GAC hack”, was a noticeable issue on deck. Afterwards, Paddock Evacuator Company was called in to be a part of a major renovation to fix certain issues, most importantly the air quality during large meets.

The results? They speak for the themselves. Per Wheaton,

“We had air-quality issues because of the large quantity of athletes. Well, Greensboro responded and made it right. It’s greatly improved, to the point where we had no issues this past championship. None.

“(In 2013) we had some kids not able to perform at a peak level because of air quality. That simply went away this year because of the new system.”

Click here to read the full article, as originally posted on on August 6, 2014.