YMCA Pipeline – New Technology to Eliminate Chloramines from Your Indoor Pool

As you know, if you have an indoor pool, you have chloramines. Chloramines wreak havoc on mechanical equipment as well as structure and can cause tremendous swimmer discomfort especially during heavy swimmer loads such as Swim Team and Master swimming programs. Practices such as super chlorination have been in use for decades to try and reach “breakpoint chlorination” in order to “burn off” the chloramines but it is difficult and often ineffective contributing to Total Dissolved Solids.

New technologies, such as ultra-violet light, have been effective in controlling chloramine. Well, there is another new technology that appears to be more than promising. This is the Paddock Evacuator. Several YMCAs across the country have installed the Evacuator either in their built in to the gutter system as a retrofit or on the pool deck which looks similar to a bench.

Since chloramines are heavier than air, the Evacuator captures them at the pool surface and deck level and removes them from the natatorium thereby making the aquatic environment pleasant to swim in. Some Ys that have utilized this technology include Rock Hill YMCA in South Carolina, Countryside YMCA in Ohio and Hunterdon County YMCA in New Jersey. There will be more to follow. If you are interested, contact Al Tursi and he can provide additional information and strategies for controlling chloramines in your indoor pool.

PDF: YMCA Pipeline Newsletter, July 2012