Building An Indoor Aquatic Facility?

Evacuator New Construction

Whether you are an Architect, Engineer, Consultant, or Owner, when you are planning to build a new aquatics facility, a Paddock Evacuator Gutter System is the ideal solution for your indoor air quality. The Evacuator Gutter System is the ideal location for the Evacuator as it is a true source-capture system for the off-gassing disinfectant by-products from the pool’s surface. It will eliminate any air quality issues before they ever begin.

If you are planning to build a new aquatics facility, please contact us, or contact Paddock Pool Equipment Company. Paddock Pool Equipment Company has the sole right to manufacture Paddock Evacuator Gutter Systems, and can provide you with any other pool-related needs you may have. You can learn more by visiting the Evacuator Gutter System page on our website, or by visiting Click here to see a liquid nitrogen demonstration featuring the Paddock Evacuator Gutter System.

And don’t forget: Paddock Evacuator Company now offers consulting services – FreshAIR Consulting – for new construction, major renovations, and if replacing or renovating your existing HVAC system. We will be glad to speak to anyone regarding air quality issues in indoor aquatic facilities.