Company History

As of our 2015 acquisition, Paddock Evacuator is a division of Paddock Pool Equipment Company (PPEC) in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Just south of Charlotte, NC, along I-77, the Evacuator team is located within PPEC’s 250,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.  100% of Paddock equipment and systems are manufactured in the United States, most here in Rock Hill.

The seed that would later grow into Paddock Evacuator was planted in 2009.

The question that sparked it all came from Randy C. Baxter, an Aerospace Engineer by profession and volunteer swim coach/aquatic consultant for Greenville County, South Carolina.   Westside Aquatic Center in Greenville was condemned by municipal officials 17 years after opening due to corrosion so bad that the structure risked collapse. Over time, chloramine gasses had damaged steel within the structure of the building until it was beyond repair.  Demolishing and rebuilding the facility would be more cost effective than fixing the existing structure.

During the selection process for the new pool project, Randy asked the same question of every bidder: “What are you going to do to address the chloramine issue?”  Most recommended the same “solutions” that had been used in the past: coated metal equipment, excessive supply dilution, and attempting to “bulletproof” the facility with chemical coatings.  What was needed was a paradigm shift; a new way of thinking.

Randy understood chloramines better than most at the time, and recognized how heavy chloramines are.  He suggested capturing the air off the water’s surface where chloramines are off-gassed, breaking the chloramine bubble. PPEC president Don Baker listened to Randy, and source capture technology was born.

After building thousands of pools, Don was not satisfied with the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inside the average natatorium.  Although an expert in pool construction, he had stopped swimming in his teens because of respiratory problems that we now know are associated with chloramine gas exposure.  With the help of experts like Randy, Don led the development effort of the first iteration of Evacuator technology.

As of 2016, there are over 150 Evacuator systems nationwide and several overseas.  Paddock remains the industry leader in source capture technology and continues to grow and innovate.