YMCA of the Upper Main Line, Berwyn


The YMCA of the Upper Main Line (UMLY) has produced some international-level swimming talent over the past few decades.  Their team is a powerhouse in both the YMCA and USA Swimming circles–and for good reason.  UMLY has had a tremendous coaching staff throughout its history, and they can take average swimmers and turn them into great swimmers.

Surprisingly enough, those swimmers had been training for all those years in a pool that struggled with air quality, as evidenced by the rust and corrosion throughout the natatorium.  The YMCA, being committed to youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, decided to act.  When they learned of The Evacuator as a potential answer to the issues, they made the investment almost immediately.

This YMCA is absolutely committed to their membership and community.  This pool is used by many more people than just YMCA members, so their investment benefits much more than themselves.


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