YMCA of Pueblo


The YMCA of Pueblo, when we met them, was unfortunately in the midst of a major repair to their pool’s plumbing lines.  Since the pool was closed anyway, the YMCA made a decision to address their growing air quality concerns at the same time.

The YMCA of Pueblo is a beautiful facility that serves a very large community in Colorado.  Their main activity pool has spray features and a slide, which are known to worsen chloramine problems.  Interestingly enough, the water features were not the main reason the air quality suffered at the Y.  The design and layout of the air system was.

The solution for the activity pool was one of the most challenging ones we have faced.  It was surprisingly complex and a design style we had never seen before.  For the Evacuator to be effective in the space, major duct modifications needed to be made.  The YMCA made the decision to move forward with those modifications and fix their air.