Westside Aquatic Center


After only 17 years, the Westside Aquatic Center was condemned and demolished.  It was deemed structurally unsafe because of severe corrosion to its steel structure; corrosion that was caused entirely by chloramines.  It was decided demolishing and replacing the Aquatic Center was more cost effective than repairing it.

While planning the new pool, Aeronautical Engineer Randy C. Baxter, a volunteer swim coach and community member, demanded that the chloramine problem be addressed.  He asked everyone bidding the new project what their strategy was to handle the chloramines, but only received obsolete answers such as “bulletproofing” the facility by avoiding metal components and installing expensive air systems that can handle more outside air.

But Randy and the Greenville community were not interested in tolerating the chloramine problem; they wanted to solve it.  So Randy asked the million-dollar question that sparked the inception of The Evacuator concept… “These chloramines are so heavy, why don’t you just suck them out through the gutter?”

Paddock listened.

Westside got a beautiful aquatic center with amazing air quality… but everyone else got an opportunity to fix their chloramine problems too.

To see how effective the gutter system is at Westside Aquatic Center, check out the YouTube video below!




Utilized System Partners:

Paddock Construction Company
Paddock Pool Equipment Company