SwimMAC Training Center


The first Bench Evacuator prototype was tested at the SwimMAC Training Center in Charlotte, NC.  It was installed prior to a large swim meet that had several hundred kids swimming.  The air quality at the pool was known for being terrible under normal conditions, but during big events, it was intolerable.

The Evacuator prototype was placed along the edge of the pool (the only place it could fit at the time). It happened to be located in the ideal spot to capture chloramines being swept across the facility, and therefore solved the problem.  The air quality was excellent throughout the entire four-day swim meet.    Three-Time Olympic Swimming Coach David Marsh, the CEO/Director of Coaching for SwimMAC Carolina, wrote a testimonial regarding the Evacuator’s impact on that swim meet.

Since then, SwimMAC has upgraded their system with the help of Adams Companies.  The entire HVAC system has been replaced with AAON units, which fully integrates with The Evacuator to provide on-demand chloramine control.  We also added GPS on this renovation project, further improving the air quality inside.

This facility is one of several training sites for Team Elite, SwimMAC’s post-grad training team that continues to put multiple swimmers on the US Olympic Team.  They train in FreshAIR facilities, allowing them to get the most out of their workouts.  Other Team Elite sites in Charlotte with The Evacuator include Johnson C. Smith University, Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center, and Huntersville Family Fitness Center.



Russ Kasl

“Since installation of the Paddock Evacuator™, we have seen a remarkable improvement in our overall air quality and no longer need to do our daily afternoon fresh air flush.”

David Marsh

“The Paddock Evacuator is the real deal!… Swimmers feel better, we no longer have workout stopping coughing fits, staff feels a significant difference, and we no longer have that “swimming pool smell.”

“I now understand what the problem is, how it can be fixed, and I am excited about the impact The Evacuator will make on our sport.  The Paddock Evacuator is a game changer for the pool industry.  We no longer have to accept poor air quality conditions.”

PDF: David Marsh Testimonial

Utilized System Partners:

Paddock Construction Company
Adams Companies Inc.