Summerville Family YMCA


The Summerville Family YMCA has a small indoor pool in their downtown location, with heavy programming such as senior fitness and learn to swim classes.  Despite the pool’s small size, chloramines were a big problem.  Everything metal was severely corroded (from door frames and bolts to the entire HVAC system).  It was time for an HVAC replacement, and that is when we were invited into the project.

The YMCA selected a new Seresco air handling system, and wanted to protect it from chloramines.  In the process, we were able to design an Evacuator to not only get chloramines out of the pool space, but to also replace old and corroded fans and duct.  Our new fan exhausts air from the chemical and mechanical rooms, which simplifies things for the YMCA. Since the installation of the Evacuator, the chloramine problem has gone away. The facility staff & patrons are thankful to finally enjoy the FreshAIR while in the aquatics area!

This system was installed by Thompson Heating & Air.


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