St. Bonaventure University


St. Bonaventure has an active swim team that led to a bad chloramine problem.  Our first attempt to solve this facility’s problem taught us that the location and size of our system are critical to fixing the problem.  The bench that was originally installed made no significant impact because it was in the wrong location in the facility.  We learned the place we needed to be had no room for our bench, so we had to invent a new solution.

This project was the first Custom Evacuator of its kind.  It replaced a concrete and tile lip around the pool with an Evacuator plenum that handles the chloramines very effectively.  Unless you were told about it, you would never even know it was there.  The William L. Watson Pool Company installed the system and matched the tile so it blends in perfectly.  This is one of many unique solutions we are capable of providing to meet the special needs of a facility.


Utilized System Partners:

Paddock Pool Equipment Company