South Cobb Aquatic Center


The South Cobb Aquatic Center is the second Evacuator installation in Cobb County.  After the immediate success of the Mountain View Aquatic Center, the county decided the Evacuator is worth the investment for their other pools.  The pool at South Cobb has two indoor water slides and splash features that agitate the warm pool water all day, along with a lap pool within the same body of water.  During operating hours, heavy bather loads frequent the facility and the chloramines had become intolerable.

Fortunately, we were able to design a convenient Evacuator bench in the right location.  With a comfortable cushion seat on top, the bench adds 60 feet of usable seating for patrons and staff to enjoy.  The air quality in the space has remarkably improved, as we are able to effectively capture and remove chloramines and other disinfectant byproducts as fast as they are produced.  The result?  FreshAIR.