Shaker High School


One day some parents called us with a deep concern.  Their kids, who swam at Shaker High School, were getting sick.  Of course, the problem was chloramine related, as it usually is.

The North Colonie School District took immediate action, acknowledged the problem, and made it clear to us that they take the health and safety of their students and all pool users as a top priority.  We immediately got to work, as they assembled the team: PEC, CS Arch, Aquattica Pools & Waterparks, and Alltek Energy Systems.  Together, we designed and installed a successful Evacuator® Bench System.

This case is an excellent example of a school district being proactive on behalf of their student body and local community.  Since Shaker High School’s pool is used by the local swim club(s), this Evacuator system helps more than just the school’s membership.

Due to the corrosion and age of their HVAC system, they plan on replacing it in the future with an Evacuator-friendly pool dehumidification system, which can further improve the environment, long-term.