Sea Otter Swim Lessons


Sea Otter Swim Lessons is a small, tented pool in Loomis, California.  In the summer, the sides of the tent open up and it is an outdoor pool.  During the winter months, however, the tent covers the entire space, effectively making it an indoor pool.

Sea Otter reached out to us regarding their chloramine problem, and described all the common symptoms that come along with it: burning eyes, coughing fits, miserable environment, and overwhelming ‘pool smell’.  To us, this pool was a welcome challenge, because we had never attempted to put an Evacuator in a temporary tent before.

We opted to go with the portable Evacuator model, which is a bench that can be moved when needed.  We use the same type of system for our FreshAIR Road Show.

After some simple duct modification and cutting a hole in the side of the tent, the Evacuator was installed and turned on.  The results were immediate and the Sea Otter Swim Lessons staff love it.  This facility is special to us because it was the first of its kind, further expanding our résumé.



Dana Percival

“After experiencing many chloramine symptoms we reached out to the Paddock Evacuator Company. They were very easy to work with and great through the whole process. Once the evacuator was installed we noticed an immediate reduction in eye and skin irritation along with other symptoms. We are thankful for this system and would recommend it to others.” – Dana Percival, Sea Otter Swim Lessons