Sarpy YMCA


The Sarpy YMCA has a small, warm-water indoor pool with a mushroom splash water feature.  While splash features are great fun for kids, they stir up airborne chloramines very quickly.  Combining warm water with agitation and splashing is a recipe for poor air quality; exactly what Sarpy YMCA had.

The Evacuator is installed on an interior wall, which meant the exhaust needed to rise up the wall and out through the roof.  It is not an ideal exhaust path, but for retrofit jobs, we have to find the most cost effective way to get the chloramines out.  It is another reason why including the Evacuator on new projects is the ideal solution in the future.  Regardless of the difficult exhaust design, Mechanical Sales, Inc. did a great job with the installation and the system looks great! Patrons of all ages are enjoying the new row of seating the bench provides as well as a healthier, pristine environment.