Rock Hill YMCA Aquatics Center


The Rock Hill YMCA Aquatic Center is one of our showcase facilities.  It is a beautiful facility with two separate pools in the same space, with separate air systems.  The design of the mechanical system accelerated chloramine problems in the space, as chloramines were rapidly recirculating throughout the natatorium through the air system.  Combined with a consistent production of chloramines on a daily basis, this Aquatic Center had a reputation for horrible air quality.

Prior to the Evacuator, the facility operators introduced twice the amount of outside air recommended to try and dilute the chloramines.  This required running large ‘spectator mode’ fans, using more electricity than normal.  The results did not change; the air quality was still a problem.  However, the electric bill was consistently high, with nothing to show for it.

There are two air handlers on each side of the facility, requiring two Evacuators.  One of them, due to space limitations, is a custom stainless steel bench.  The other consists of three sections of fiberglass bench, clearing the other half of the facility.  Paddock Construction Company installed the systems, and together they work tremendously well.

The facility has large wooden columns and supports for the roof.  Through years of chloramine abuse, the lacquer from the wood was leaking down the columns, creating a strong odor and an ugly mess.  The Evacuator stopped the problem from continuing, and we installed GPS Air Purification to handle the odors.  Since installing GPS, the smell of the wood in the facility has been greatly reduced.

Rock Hill YMCA Aquatic Center was also the first facility with our “on-demand chloramine control” system installed.  Our partner, Adams Companies, programmed the entire system to react to chloramine levels in real time.  This further reduces energy costs, as it runs The Evacuator at a minimum until it is needed.

In short, this facility tells the story of what we can do, and how we did it.



Utilized System Partners:

Paddock Construction Company
Paddock Pool Equipment Company
Adams Companies Inc.