Reston Community Center


The Reston Community Center reached out to us with all of the usual chloramine symptoms: patron and staff discomfort, evidence of rust and corrosion, and overall bad air quality.  In their case, however, the Evacuator alone was not applicable.  This project required modifications of what they already had.

Teamed up with SWSG Engineers, we were hired to develop a comprehensive solution to end Reston’s chloramine problem.  Shortly thereafter, we had developed an understanding of what needed to happen to get chloramines out of the space, and the project was given the green light.

Reston selected our premium PVC bench with padded seat cushion for this project, which adds 88 feet of comfortable seating for patrons and guests.  The Community Center plans on replacing their HVAC unit in the near future, which will be designed to incorporate the Evacuator for maximum efficiency.

While this project took a tremendous amount of coordination to pull off, the result is clear and simple: FreshAIR.  And that, according to the owners, makes it all worth it.



Scott Brown

“Upon entering the Reston Community Center for my 19th year as head coach, I was told to expect a pleasant change.  When I stepped out of the office and onto the pool deck, I immediately noticed a change in the air.  A ventilation system had been installed over the summer, which noticeably cooled the pool area and made the air less stagnant–or as my swimmers describe it, “thick.”  That system, I was told, is called The Evacuator.

In previous years, interruptions would occur due to the bad air.  Kids would go outside, sit out, and have coughing fits.  But not once this year did that happen.  Even my swimmers with severe asthma were able to complete practices more easily, and there is no comparison to how much better the air quality is in here now.” – Scott Brown, South Lakes HS (Reston Community Center)

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