Queens University of Charlotte


The swimming program at Queens University of Charlotte began in 2010 and has rapidly become a powerhouse in NCAA Division II swimming.  The University decided it was time to upgrade their athletics complex, and it started with a state-of-the-art swimming pool.  The first thing locked into the design was the Evacuator.

The Evacuator is built into the gutter, and the facility’s air system was designed accordingly.  Communication between all parties during the planning stages created an excellent result, as evidenced by the unparalleled air quality at Queens.

Queens is not the first Gutter Evacuator around, but it is the first fully integrated system with on-demand chloramine control for a new pool.  The Evacuator is balanced automatically with the air handling unit to adjust according to chloramine levels in real time.  This maximizes energy efficiency by keeping The Evacuator exhausting at a minimum until it is needed.


Utilized System Partners:

Paddock Construction Company
Paddock Pool Equipment Company