QDD Aquatic Center


QDD is one of the premier swim clubs in the mid-Atlantic region, based in Prince William County, Virginia. While QDD has several training sites around the Northern Virginia area, they needed a home base.  With an amazing opportunity to convert a foreclosed warehouse into an aquatic center, QDD capitalized–and the result is an amazing facility. It’s complete with two indoor pools, offices, a day-care center, weight room and spectator seating.  One of their favorite amenities, however, is their superb air quality.

QDD has hundreds of swimmers that swim in the pool each and every week, and they train hard.  Normally, the chloramines and other disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) that these swimmers are producing would destroy a steel-framed warehouse, but with The Evacuator system, QDD can breathe easy.  The contaminated air is under control and source-captured through their Paddock Evacuator Gutter system.

In speaking with their team director, they are very pleased with the air quality and the difference the Evacuator makes compared to their other training sites.  For the team, air quality is primarily a health issue.  Swimmers and coaches are not only vulnerable to respiratory sickness; bad air also interferes with training, performance, and swimmers achieving their goals.  To QDD, performance matters, as many of their swimmers are pursuing college scholarship opportunities.

For swimmers, chloramines only slow you down.

Visit QDD’s website for more information on the program.