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From the day it was opened 12 years ago, Mountain View Aquatic Center was plagued with air quality problems.  Despite countless attempts to resolve the issue, the problem was seemingly impossible to fix.  In 2003, they installed a UV system, which made an immediate impact during times of low use.  But still, during swim practices and meets, the chloramines were out of control.

Cobb County approved a SPLOST fund for renovations around the county, and one of the priority items was resolving the air quality problems at Mountain View.  They did so by installing the Evacuator Bench System, designed to exhaust airborne chloramines from the facility.  The County re-opened the facility in October, 2012 with a ceremony including elected officials and guests.  Clearing the air was worth a having celebration in Cobb County.

American Record Holder and NCAA Swimming Champion Bryan Lundquist is a former Stingrays standout who trained at Mountain View for years before moving on to a decorated swimming career at Auburn, and beyond as a professional.

“I’m thrilled to hear they put in the Evacuator at Mountain View and I cannot wait to visit back home and check it out” said Lundquist.  “I remember growing up and swimming there all the time with the Stingrays.  In the mornings it would be very difficult…even just an hour into practice I would be coughing and wheezing, and it really did hinder my training.  Sometimes I even had to get out of the pool in the middle of a workout to get outside for fresh air, and I was not alone.”

A reputation for poor air quality is a hard reputation to change. “We were often opening all the doors and looking for ways to get fresh air into the pool—and I know they tried different things, but nothing worked while I was there” recalls Lundquist.  “During meets it was pretty miserable.  Some parents would sit out in the car instead of watching kids swim.”

The Director of Aquatics for Cobb County, Bob McCallister, researched the Evacuator and brought it to Mountain View.  “We have been dealing with complaints on the air quality at Mt. View Aquatic Center since it opened in 2000” said McCallister.  “We made many adjustments and additions to the ventilation system that improved the situation over the years.  However, during heavy swim loads (meets and practices) the air quality still would be irritating to some swimmers and spectators.  The Paddock Evacuator was discovered. The coaches, swimmers, parents and staff are very happy and amazed at having FreshAir all the time.”

Mountain View is a testament to the new paradigm in the world of aquatics: with the Evacuator, bad air is now a choice, not a certainty.  Cobb County plans to install the Evacuator in its other pools in the near future.

Mountain View has state-of-the-art air quality.  We encourage you to visit and see it for yourself.


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Bob McCallister

PDF: Mountain View Letter

Since the day it was open, Mountain View Aquatic Center had air quality problems.  Even after installing a UV system in 2003, the problems persisted.  Bob McCallister, the Aquatics Director of Cobb County was allotted money in the county’s SPLOST fund.  The county’s first priority: fix the air at Mountain View.

Bob did so by reaching out to Paddock and investing in The Evacuator, as well as new twin Seresco air handling units.  For the first time since opening, everyone can comfortably breathe… and for Bob McCallister, he and Cobb County can breathe a sigh of relief.  Problem solved.

“The Evacuator system was installed this past fall before our busiest swimming months with high school and USA Swimming swim meets and practices.  We have not had one complaint since the installation.  I believe that in the near future the Paddock Evacuator is going to be mandated as part of the HVAC system for commercial indoor pools by pool owners, designers, users and possibly health departments.  Thank you for solving my air quality problems and even though the swimmers, spectators, parents, coaches and staff don’t say it, I thank you for them.”  -Bob McCallister

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