Johnson C. Smith University

Swim Practice at JCSU

The pool at Johnson C. Smith is the main training site for SwimMAC Team Elite; the post-grad professional swim team that placed five swimmers on the US Olympic Team in 2012, and three in 2008.  It is a small 6-lane pool…but during swim practice, chloramines were a real problem.  Despite opening the doors on all sides of the facility with big fans moving air in and out, the air quality remained abysmal.

The Evacuator was installed along one side of the pool and the results were immediate.  The impact this system made for the swimmers who train there were evident at the 2012 Olympic Trials, when Team Elite put more swimmers on the US Olympic roster than any other team in America.  Training in FreshAIR prevents breathing problems and allows for full workouts without interruption.

Imagine running a few miles while coughing constantly.  That is what swimmers endure every day in a chloramine-laden facility.  Since chloramines are heavier than oxygen, they displace it at the surface of the water… right where swimmers are gasping for air.  Let the Evacuator remove those chloramines so swimmers can breathe FreshAIR.  Swimmers and staff will tell you the difference is remarkable.



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