Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatic Center


The Evacuator at the Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatic Center is located in the warm water recreation pool.  The chloramines in the space were a severe problem because of a poorly designed air system…located some 40 feet above the pool.  There was almost no airflow where the people were, which left the space hot, humid, and harmful.

The Evacuator was installed along the back wall and provided a function similar to a bath tub drain.  If you could imagine a natatorium space (with a high ceiling) filled with chloramine-laden air, the Evacuator “drained the bathtub” and provided immediate relief.  It has been running ever since, and the air quality is excellent inside.



Dee Jetton

“Installing the Paddock Evacuator in our 25 yard warm water pool helped us enhance air quality for our members; especially our youngest swimmers, water exercise participants and our beloved seniors who use our warm water pool for recreation, exercise and therapy. Almost immediately upon installation, we received unsolicited feedback confirming the installation was a great investment. Our members are consistently telling us; “The air is so fresh!” They are so pleased we’ve taken this proactive step in enhancing their experience and protecting their health. We are confident the Evacuator will help us retain members and increase the value of membership at our club.” -Dee Jetton, Executive Director, Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics Center

Utilized System Partners:

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