Harris YMCA


We often talk about the amazing value the Evacuator can bring a facility, in all aspects of the pool environment: health benefits, energy/cost savings, reduced maintenance and replacement costs, and return on investment.  The Harris YMCA will be enjoying all of the above with their recent purchase of the Evacuator.

Located in the heart of South Charlotte, The Harris YMCA serves as a widely-used community center for all of its members.  The Y is the host of many sports, fitness, recreation and day-care programs, but arguably its high quality pools set it apart.  The Harris Y has three pools, two of which are indoor.  The indoor pools share the same natatorium space, with a central air handling system.

Bather loads are regularly in the hundreds of patrons per day, which has created a challenging environment for the air systems to keep up with.  Chloramine problems are most evident by pervasive corrosion around the pool; rust plagues everything metal, from the door knobs and railings to lifeguard stands and starting blocks.  Furthermore, chloramines took their toll on the HVAC system, destroying it from the inside out, which likely shortened the life of the equipment.

In an effort to protect their investment and preserve the life of their brand new AAON HVAC system, the YMCA reached out to us for help.  Fortunately, we were able to come up with a system to address their needs that fell within their budget for the project.  The result is a brand new AAON dehumidifier with a fully integrated Evacuator exhaust system, which was designed by our consulting engineer, Chris Adams, and the project engineer, Refresco.  It also features on-demand chloramine control, which we offer as a premium option.

In the case of the Harris YMCA, they recognized a perfect opportunity to improve their air quality and protect their investment in their new HVAC equipment…at the same time.  With the Evacuator, the value it brings will last the life of the facility, and since it is integrated with the HVAC system, it makes it even more simple.

We look at it this way: we cannot predict the future, but we know chloramines damaged the last HVAC system.  If we can reduce (if not prevent) that damage on the new AAON system, it can likely extend the life of that equipment.  Amortize those costs, and it can show some significant long-term savings, which help a facility like the Harris YMCA enjoy an excellent return on investment.


Utilized System Partners:

Paddock Construction Company
Adams Companies Inc.