Greenwood Family YMCA


Greenwood Family YMCA in South Carolina has a 7 lane x 25 Yard lap pool with an above-ground spa.  Their situation was a strong example of the cost of having bad air–their corrosion was simply out of control.  From Structural Steel to door hinges and everything in between, Greenwood YMCA had rust everywhere.  Chloramines had unfortunately taken such a toll on the facility that Greenwood’s Dectron dehumidifier is near the end of its life expectancy.

With plans to expand their pool area with a new spa and HVAC replacement, we were able to come up with an Evacuator solution that is temporary for today, and can adapt to the long-term vision of the Greenwood YMCA.  With the recent installation of a Paddock Evacuator Bench System, the air quality inside has improved tremendously.  In the future, The Evacuator will be integrated with the new HVAC system, and moved to its final location, accommodating for the new spa area, which will result in superb air quality for the patrons who frequent this facility.  Greenwood YMCA made the choice to protect their investment in their beautiful facility so it is sustainable for decades to come.