Georgetown University


Historic Georgetown University in Washington DC is known for its prestigious academics, as well as athletics.  Its swim & dive team trains in their pool inside the Yates Field House, where the air quality was a severe enough issue that swimmers were getting sick.  When bad air quality gets the athletes sick, it negatively affects their training.  And if student-athletes cannot train to their potential, they cannot perform to their full potential.  In other words, air quality is a big deal – especially to a collegiate swim and dive team.

If you were an athlete in college, you can appreciate how hard collegiate athletes have to train to compete at such a high level.  Georgetown University is an NCAA Division I school, and the athletes’ ability to perform in daily training sessions is essential to their success.  Swimming and diving is more than just competition to these student-athletes.  Swimming was part of their decision to attend the University–which has major financial implications for the school (tuition and other expenses), and it can also impact an athlete’s family finances if scholarship opportunities are on the table.

Georgetown recognized the importance of their student-athletes’ health and welfare, and decided to fix the problem by hiring the Paddock Evacuator Company.  The project was complex, due to the structural challenges in the building, but the job was a success.  Parents of some of the Georgetown swimmers have told us there has been an immediate impact in air quality, and their kids are able to breathe without respiratory distress and coughing fits.

Success stories like Georgetown are part of the reason why we do this, and why we love doing it.