Fort Mill Branch YMCA – Baxter Village


Fort Mill Branch YMCA, located in Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC, is a part of the Upper Palmetto YMCA – which has two other Evacuator installations at its Charlotte Avenue Branch and Rock Hill Aquatics Center. This facility has a six-lane heated indoor lap pool as well as an outdoor water park. The indoor pool has a heavy bather load year-round, with programming including water aerobics (aquacise), swim lessons including learn to swim & stroke refinement, open swim, and pool parties. As with most pools with heavy programming, it’s easy for the air quality to get out of control quickly and make the space uncomfortable for staff & patrons alike. The existing dehumidification unit, a Dectron, couldn’t handle the load and rid the room of the ever-present chloramines. Moe Bell, the CEO of the Upper Palmetto YMCA, has seen and solved this issue before in his other aquatic facilities. Now, with the installation of the Paddock Evacuator Bench System, the air quality has greatly improved making the facility much more comfortable for everyone to enjoy. Chloramines are no longer an issue, and the Dectron can finally properly dehumidify and heat/cool the space as originally intended.