Fort Carson, US Army


The Iron Horse Recreation Center at Fort Carson is a fairly new facility.  It was built with a natatorium inside that is heavily used by Army personnel and their families, every day of the week.  It contains a spray mushroom within a play pool, as well as a sizable lap pool.  Within the first months of opening, rust and corrosion became a problem.  Within the first year, it was a huge problem.  That was around the time they called us for help.

The strategy for this project was two-fold: capture and remove chloramines with The Paddock Evacuator, and further improve their water chemistry with UV systems.  When it comes to the US Army, health and safety of their personnel and families is a top priority.

Unfortunately, this solution was not easy for us.  We had very limited options of what we could do, and we came up with a custom shaped Evacuator bench to fit in the space.  After only minutes of turning on the system for the first time, lifeguards came up to us and said they noticed an immediate difference.  The chloramine smell is gone, the environment is healthier, and the US Army is happy.  By all accounts, this is a successful project.



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