Claude Moore Recreation Center


Years ago, there was a plan by Loudoun County for a recreation center.  As time went on, the plan grew and grew, and what was built is a major facility with two large natatoriums.  One is a play pool with slides, a hot tub and spray features.  The other is a full size 50 meter venue for competition.

Both, unfortunately, struggled with bad air quality and corrosion since day one.

A few years ago, the County wisely invested in UV treatment, which absolutely improved the situation.  It made their water quality pristine and easier to manage.  But, as we have found to be very common, during times of heavy use, the airborne chloramines were still a problem, and they were only getting worse.

Loudoun County acknowledged this problem was not improving on its own, and brought us in for help with the issues.  This case was eerily similar to the Mountain View project in Cobb County.  Elected officials were involved to get this problem resolved, because it meant that much to the County.

Kudos to Loudoun County for being proactive on behalf of their community and all pool users at Claude Moore.


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