Carbondale YMCA


Greater Carbondale YMCA is a beautiful facility, including a multi-purpose aquatics facility – that had a big air quality issue. The aquatics area features a 3-lane lap pool, slide, and mushroom play area. The aquatics area is consistently busy with patrons of all ages and stages of life from beginner-to-advanced swim lessons, kids playing on the slide and in the mushroom area, and adults swimming laps. When the water features are active, and the pool is packed with kids playing all over the place, it’s easy to see that the air quality can get out of hand quickly. Now, with the recent installation of the Paddock Evacuator Bench System, air quality will no longer be an issue. Not only does it provide extra padded seating in the space – which is always a plus – it clears out the chloramines from the facility, creating a healthier environment with FreshAIR for everyone to enjoy!