Brunswick Community College

Brunswick Community College built a state-of-the-art pool a few years ago.  Within that short amount of time, airborne chloramines began to corrode nearly everything in the natatorium.  Not only was corrosion found in the pool area, but it had spread through other parts of the building as well.  Their air handling system, despite being only a few years old, had major corrosion problems internally, which confirmed our suspicions that chloramines were recirculating.  To protect the life of their new facility, they decided it was time to end the problem, and hire us to help them.

The layout of the Brunswick pool was designed for swim meets, with large bleachers along the length of the competition pool.  We had to work around those bleachers to build a system that would get the job done.  With the help of Miracle Pools, we came up with a plan that made sense to the owner.  The result is another FreshAIR success story, and a happy customer.

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