Certified FreshAir™ Facilities

YMCA of Pueblo

Two pools. Two unique solutions, one with a few design challenges we had to overcome.

Location: Pueblo, CO
Date of Completion: August 2014

Shaker High School

A proactive school district’s IAQ success story.

Location: Latham, NY
Date of Completion: June 2014

Ridley High School

Two words: Green Evacuator.

Location: Folsom, PA
Date of Completion: August 2014

Catskill Recreation Center

A new pool with a Gutter and Deck Drain Evacuator® hybrid.

Location: Arksville, NY
Date of Completion: 2014

YMCA of the Upper Main Line, Berwyn

The rusty home of a powerhouse swim team.

Location: Berwyn, PA
Date of Completion: August 2014

Claude Moore Recreation Center

The Evacuator is the new standard of care for Loudoun County, VA.

Location: Sterling, VA
Date of Completion: September 2014

Stokes Family YMCA

YMCA was replacing their HVAC system. Why not add The Evacuator to protect their new system?

Location: King, NC
Date of Completion: September 2014

Fort Carson, US Army

The first US Army Base to install The Evacuator. Problem solved.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Date of Completion: July 2014

Greenwood Family YMCA

Greenwood is a Family YMCA with major chloramine/corrosion issues who reached out to Paddock Evacuator to solve their problem.

Location: Greenwood, SC
Date of Completion: February 2014

Fort Mill Branch YMCA – Baxter Village

The Baxter Village YMCA is the third aquatic facility to install a Paddock Evacuator System in the Upper Palmetto YMCA. Clearly, they have found the answer to improving their indoor air quality!

Location: Fort Mill, SC
Date of Completion: February 2014

West Texas A&M University

A unique project in which we partnered with Desert Aire to solve their customer’s air quality issue.

Location: Canyon, TX
Date of Completion: February 2014

Georgetown University

Historic Georgetown University in Washington DC

Location: Washington, DC
Date of Completion: January 2014

Harris YMCA

With the replacement of their HVAC system, this heavily used facility in the heart of South Charlotte decided to protect their investment by installing an Evacuator Bench System.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Date of Completion: January 2014

Brunswick Community College

With limited options, we had to work behind existing bleachers.

Location: Bolivia, NC
Date of Completion: January 2014

Summerville Family YMCA

A small pool with a huge chloramine problem.

Location: Summerville, SC
Date of Completion: December 2013

Greensboro Aquatic Center

Greensboro Aquatic Center is the host of National Championships, and they invested in the Evacuator on behalf of the health and comfort of everyone that visits.

Location: Greensboro, NC
Date of Completion: November, 2013

South Cobb Aquatic Center

South Cobb Aquatic Center is a heavily used indoor water park with a connected lap pool.

Location: Austell, GA
Date of Completion: October 2013

Reston Community Center

A solution that required duct modification in the facility.

Location: Reston, Virginia
Date of Completion: September, 2013

QDD Aquatic Center

A high-performance swim club in Northern Virginia converted a warehouse into a beautiful aquatic center, complete with the healthiest air possible.

Location: Manassas, VA
Date of Completion: September 2013

Carbondale YMCA

With an indoor slide and splash mushroom, chloramines were out of control in Carbondale.

Location: Carbondale, PA
Date of Completion: August 2013

Queens University of Charlotte

The first fully integrated gutter system with on-demand chloramine control.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Date of Completion: July 2013

LIFT Wellness Center

LIFT Wellness Center is a medical fitness center, located in the heart of Jackson, TN, which includes two indoor pools and a spa, each fitted with an Evacuator.

Location: Jackson, TN
Date of Completion: May 2013

Sea Otter Swim Lessons

A small, portable Evacuator made a huge difference for this tented pool.

Location: Loomis, CA
Date of Completion: April 2013

Mission Fitness

Mission Fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness complex that recently incorporated the Evacuator to provide healthier air for their staff & patrons!

Location: Odessa, TX
Date of Completion: April 2013

Levine Jewish Community Center

A breakthrough Custom Evacuator™ design that expanded our perception of the possible.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Date of Completion: April 2013

Henry Brigham Swim Center

This facility recently installed a new AAON HVAC unit and paired it with the Evacuator Bench System to create a healthy environment for their patrons.

Location: Augusta, GA
Date of Completion: March 2013

Faucett Brothers Activity Center

Faucett Brothers Activity Center, located just outside of Tuscaloosa, Al is a beautiful facility featuring two pools, a recreational lap pool and warm-water therapy pool, each equipped with a Gutter Evacuator.

Location: Northport, AL
Date of Completion: March 2013

Downstream Casino

Three custom-built spas with the Evacuator built in.

Location: Quapaw, OK
Date of Completion: 2013

Jerry Long YMCA

The first Evacuator installed for the YMCAs of Northwest North Carolina.

Location: Clemmons, NC
Date of Completion: December 2012

Indy Island Aquatic Center

Indy Island Aquatic Center recently underwent a major renovation, to include a new HVAC system and integrated Evacuator System.

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date of Completion: December 2012

Sharon High School

This small Evacuator Bench made an enormous impact from the moment they turned it on.

Location: Sharon, PA
Date of Completion: December 2012

Mountain View Aquatic Center

Cobb County reopened the facility with a celebration ceremony after resolving the air quality problems that plagued the facility since day one.

Location: Marietta, GA
Date of Completion: October 2012

Somerset Valley YMCA

A new method of exhaust when conventional methods would not work.

Location: Somerville, NJ
Date of Completion: October 2012

St. Bonaventure University

St. Bonaventure required a custom solution replacing a tile lip on the side of the pool.

Location: St. Bonaventure, NY
Date of Completion: September 2012

Union County YMCA

A simple solution for a complex problem.

Location: Marysville, OH
Date of Completion: July 2012

Sarpy YMCA

A mushroom splash feature gave this small pool a big chloramine problem.

Location: Omaha, NE
Date of Completion: June 2011

Rock Hill YMCA Aquatics Center

Our showcase facility including two Evacuators, on-demand chloramine control, and GPS.

Location: Rock Hill, SC
Date of Completion: May 2012

Johnson C. Smith University

This Evacuator cleared the air for SwimMAC Team Elite swimmers training for the 2012 Olympics.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Date of Completion: March 2012

Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center

The world’s first Gutter Evacuator.

Location: Jenks, OK
Date of Completion: April 2011

Countryside YMCA

Countryside YMCA is one of the first pools to install the Evacuator Bench System, and has been enjoying the benefits since!

Location: Lebanon, OH
Date of Completion: December 2011

Hunterdon County YMCA

More Information Coming Soon.
Location: Hunterdon, NJ
Date of Completion: 2011

Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatic Center

The Evacuator provided immediate relief by draining the room of chloramine-laden air.

Location: Huntersville, NC
Date of Completion: June 2011

Westside Aquatic Center

The original facility was condemned and demolished after only 17 years because of chloramine corrosion. This facility was the catalyst for the Evacuator in the very beginning.

Location: Greenville, SC
Date of Completion: May 2011

SwimMAC Training Center

The home of the Evacuator Bench prototype has since seen a complete HVAC renovation to include a fully integrated On-Demand Evacuator System with amazing results!

Location: Charlotte, NC
Date of Completion: January 2011

Charlotte Avenue Branch YMCA

The world’s first Evacuator.

Location: Rock Hill, SC
Date of Completion: January 2010