Why We Do It

Our mission is simple:
To make the indoor pool a healthy and desirable place to be.

Ask yourself: Have you ever spent more than an hour in an indoor pool… and enjoyed it?

The Paddock Evacuator Company was created in 2009 to address a growing concern in the pool industry: indoor air quality. Just like you, we have lived through the pain of having bad, unhealthy air.

We have lived it.  We have been there.  We understand.  That’s why we do it.

The Problem

Chloramines are toxic and corrosive. That’s correct… that “pool smell” we are all familiar with is actually harmful to our health, and degrades our facilities and equipment.


Chloramines are disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) of chlorine doing its job in the water.

Source Capture

The Chloramine Solution

Approaching air quality problems differently.

Obsolete Methods

Obsolete Methods and Answers

What else is out there, besides The Evacuator? What have other people tried?

Evacuator Benefits

A list of the benefits to your facility, personnel and patrons from installing a Paddock Evacuator System.