What We Do

We design and manufacture custom systems to capture and remove airborne chloramines from your natatorium.

Bad air quality may not be your fault, but it could still be your problem. It’s a problem that costs time, effort, resources, and a whole lot of money to fight–and the fight is futile.

So what exactly do we do?  We:


New Pools

The initial stages of planning new construction of an indoor aquatic facility is the perfect time to include a Paddock Evacuator System in your conversation.

Existing Pools

Helping existing pools is the heart of our business.  Everything we do is aimed at reaching one result above all: the best air quality possible for our customers.  That being said, the shape, size, and cost of The Evacuator completely depends on a facility’s needs.  While everything we do is custom-fit, we have to work with what is there.  That challenge is part of the reason why we love what we do.  It motivates us to continue to improve our technology.

There are tens of thousands of indoor pools in the United States, alone.  So far, we have not found any that are identical.  Each project is unique, so we give them the individual attention they deserve.  If you want your pool to be evaluated, just ask us.




FreshAIR Consulting

Want to prevent IAQ problems? We can help.