Scott Brown

“In previous years, interruptions would occur due to the bad air. Kids would go outside, sit out, and have coughing fits. But not once this year did that happen. Even my swimmers with severe asthma were able to complete practices more easily, and there is no comparison to how much better the air quality is in here now.”

Dana Percival

“After experiencing many chloramine symptoms we reached out to the Paddock Evacuator Company. They were very easy to work with and great through the whole process. Once the evacuator was installed we noticed an immediate reduction in eye and skin irritation along with other symptoms.”

Phil Berman

The Evacuator is definitely worth the investment.

Bob McCallister

“We have not had one complaint since the installation.”

Frank Barlow

The chloramines issue has all but subsided and there is no “chlorine smell” emanating from the pool area into our locker rooms. There have been zero complaints from our swim team members as to “swimmers cough” as there had been.

Russ Kasl

Since installation of the Paddock Evacuator™, we have seen a remarkable improvement in our overall air quality

Frank Moe Bell

Our indoor pool was built in 1975. The air quality has always been very poor. Since adding the Evacuator our “pool smell” has left the building!

David Marsh

The Paddock Evacuator is a game changer for the pool industry. We no longer have to accept poor air quality conditions

George C. Villarreal

“Training sessions are much more productive and efficient, since incidences of asthma and coughing fits have been eliminated. Performances in meets have been remarkable.”

Dee Jetton

We are confident the Evacuator will help us retain members and increase the value of membership at our club.

Sam Kendrick

I have often come home very sick after announcing in facilities with air quality issues. So for me, it was outstanding and helped me do a much better job for your team.

Stephen Potter

Best air quality I’ve ever experienced at a championship meet. Venues that struggle with air quality should make a trip to Jenks to see their unique set-up.