Paddock Evacuator™ Technical Information

Why it Works

In short, it works because the Evacuator is the first and only system to address chloramines as an air issue. We accept chloramine creation as inevitable instead of fighting it.

In most cases, the Evacuator does not conflict with the facility’s existing air pattern unless it is absolutely necessary. In those rare cases, we consult expert mechanical engineers to ensure the efficacy of our system.

What We Need to Get Started

Every single Evacuator goes through our design process. Each project requires an evaluation of your existing facility to calculate our solution for you.

Here’s a list of what we need to get started on your facility.

Electrical Requirements

Like everything else, electrical requirements depend on your specific Evacuator system. The specifications and information in this article is to give a general idea of the requirements for each system.

Mechanical Implications

The Evacuator™ is a dedicated exhaust that must be balanced with the existing air system.