A Leader in Providing Indoor Pool Dehumidification for Over 25 Years

PoolPak™ International is recognized as a leader in manufacturing dehumidification systems for large athletic pools, natatoriums in schools and universities, commercial pools and hotel/motel leisure pools. Our Proven Approach to dehumidification is your best assurance for optimum space and water conditions while keeping operating cost low through recycled energy.

PoolPak™ dehumidification equipment is built for the corrosive indoor pool environment with features like copper coil construction, key components located out of the corrosive air stream and a durable finish. The control system was developed by PoolPak™ specifically for their equipment, and will monitor and control the pool environment locally or at any location with access to the internet.

PoolPak™ understands the pool environment and the impact on that space through seasonal changes, geographic location and pool activity. There is no one type of dehumidification system for every pool, and PoolPak™ will assist you in selecting a unit matched for your application. That is your best assurance of maintaining maximum occupant comfort at the lowest first cost and ongoing operational cost.

In addition to our refrigeration-based equipment that recycles energy to heat the pool water and air, PoolPak™ added the ClimatePak® VHR (Ventilation Heat Recovery) to its complete line of dehumidification products. The ClimatePak® is a dehumidification unit that does not utilize a refrigeration system but rather takes advantage of the naturally dry outside air for moisture removal.

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Bob McCallister Aquatic Consulting

Bob McCallister has worked in the public sector building, operating, maintaining and renovating aquatic facilities for over 30 years.  During these many years of being a professional aquatic facility manager, he has gained the knowledge and abilities to development new aquatic facilities and renovate old aquatic facilities as well as develop revenue programs which can meet and/or exceed the operational cost.

McCallister has been the Aquatics Manager for Cobb County, GA for the past 20 years and has built 3 indoor aquatic centers, totally renovated 4 indoor aquatic centers, renovated  2 – 50+ years old outdoor swimming pools and is currently developing plans and construction of a new outdoor water park.

Over the past 10 years McCallister has been contracted as an Aquatic Consultant to advise municipilities for development of new aquatic centers; provide programs and business plans for “break even” operating budgets; and development of renovation plans and construction for aquatic facilities.

A major benefit of McCallister’s Aquatic Consulting services, is that he is totally independent, not representing or having interest in any one pool contractor or equipment company.  Therefore, he offers only  the owner’s best interest for the best price.

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Atlantic Aquatic Engineering, Inc.

Innovative pool designs and spectacular aquatic environments.  That’s pretty much what they do.

Atlantic Aquatic Engineering, Inc. is one of the country’s leaders in the design of municipal, institutional and commercial swimming pools and water features.  The company’s core services are new design, renovation, concept design, feasibility studies, aquatic reports, site inspections and construction administration.  Their portfolio of completed projects is impressive in itself, but their emphasis on air quality on each and every new indoor pool the build sets them apart.

Their staff of designers, planners and engineers–using the most advanced CAD equipment–provide concept through construction capabilities.  Although they work directly with facility owners, they specialize in providingn consultation and design services to architects and engineers.  Even some of the most prestigious architects, engineers and contractors do not have the capability to perform pool design services in-house.  They rely upon the expertise of pool consultants like AAE to do that specialized work, and assist them in presenting projects to their clients.

Atlantic Aquatic Engineering, Inc. balances function, practicality and creativity in their program-driven, sustainable design solutions.  Designs that seamlessly blend pools into environments.

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Dectron has embraced The Evacuator and integrated it into their product line into the future.

Aquattica Pools & Waterparks

Aquattica Pools & Water Parks, Inc. was founded by three specialists: a seasoned swimming coach who understood the space requirements and relationships of the pool and natatorium necessary to accommodate the required programming, an experienced national pool equipment regional representative who was completely familiar with pool equipment operations, manufacturers, and construction techniques, and a mechanical/structural engineer with many years of experience engineering the structural and operational requirements of a swimming pool and pool environment. Each of these specialists had experienced, from their own vantage point, what was wrong in the industry and had a common vision of how to make it better. The founders provide a unique resource that will ensure the quality of the environment, operations and cost-efficiency of your commercial, institutional or municipal aquatics facility.

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Global Plasma Solutions

Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) provides air purification systems that use ionization technology.  These ionization systems are used in hospitals, schools, and other commercial and residential applications to disinfect and sanitize recirculating air.  Use of the GPS Ionization system allows for a reduction of outside air requirements by ASHRAE code, because it qualifies as an “approved alternative” method to calculating outside air needs.  In other words, with GPS, a facility can reduce its outside air requirements by up to 66%.

Paddock Evacuator Company has partnered with GPS to produce the optimum air quality possible for indoor pools.  The Evacuator eliminates chloramines and GPS purifies the rest.  It is a one-two punch that turns a suffering facility into a pristine one. GPS systems come in a wide variety of models and can fit any air handling unit for almost any application.

Water Technology, Inc

Aquatics H2O

Aquatics H2O, LLC  provides a unique personalized design/consulting service to each client and every project. Tammy Ellis, the principal and consultant had previously worked with an engineering firm for almost 8 years developing their Aquatics Engineering Department and through that experience has built continued relationships within the Aquatic Industry across the U.S. Establishing a firm with its sole focus on Aquatics would allow both the client and the project our undivided attention starting with the initial first idea, preliminary concept, design and finally construction/start up.

Aquatics H20, LLC

Aquatic Facility Consulting

PO Box 654

Drayton, SC 29333



Paddock Pool Equipment Company

Paddock Pool Equipment Company

Swimming Pools… movie stars… that’s how Paddock got started back in the early 1920’s, building America’s first backyard pools on the estates of wealthy Southern Californians. Back then, a private pool had to be built with formed concrete using heavy machinery—an exorbitantly priced luxury available only to the top echelons of society. But the idea caught on, and in a short time everybody wanted one. Paddock took the concept to the next level, and the modern pool industry was born.

In the 1930’s, Paddock built the first 50-meter monolithic pool using pneumatically applied concrete (gunite) at the Biltmore in Santa Barbara. Soon, gunite was the method of choice for pool construction, enabling a new generation of specialized contractors to build affordable residential pools. By the 1940’s, Paddock had established the first network of franchised dealers to build its standard designs around the country.

Paddock Pool Equipment Company was formed to manufacture high Paddock Industriesquality equipment for use in Paddock pools. In the 1960’s, Paddock was reorganized and shifted its focus to commercial equipment exclusively. The Equipment Company took center stage, introducing a number of key innovations into the market that define commercial pools today—such as the stainless steel perimeter, the movable bulkhead, and the vacuum sand filter.

Since that time, Paddock has developed a line of high performance products designed to create the nation’s most distinctive aquatic facilities, fabricated in a 200,000+ square foot manufacturing plant in South Carolina. A design assistance program exists to help architects develop integrated plans and specifications for complete pool projects. Decades of construction expertise from our partners—the best commercial pool builders in the business—provide a comprehensive approach to every job we do. And, a customer service program allows owners of Paddock pools to offer input and to keep their facilities in top condition.

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Desert Aire

Founded in 1978, Desert Aire has grown to become a recognized leader in manufacturing high performance, energy efficient, refrigeration-based dehumidifiers and dedicated outdoor air systems.



Seresco is a leading domestic manufacturer of dehumidification systems.

Adams Companies Inc.

Adams Companies Inc.

Adams specializes in equipment designed for dehumidification and high efficiency. The company’s headquarters is located in Mooresville, NC with sales team members located across North and South Carolina.